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jessicaA healthy relationship has countless components apart from sex.

Nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that sex is a crucially important part of it.

In fact, sex is one of the main components that leads couples to part ways. So if you feel like your vulva is loose, this can be a source of stress and     depression. When stress strikes, confidence is seriously damaged and this can make you feel insecure about pleasing your partner.

The good news is that there are many ways on how to make your vagina   super firm like by using V-Tight creams.

It is also quite important for a lot of women to go about this issue through the more natural route. This is a great idea as going more natural when it comes to tightening your vaginal canals tend to be safer and much more long-lasting if you start better habits today.

Surgical procedures do work, but doesn’t it feel more satisfying that you didn’t have to result to such drastic measures? Also, it’s quite expensive to say the least. There are natural creams that can be used by women that works just as effective and only a fraction of the cost. And, there’s one more thing! It doesn’t have any side-effects which can not be said for medical procedures like surgeries. Below are a few more natural techniques to pair along organic products to make a much more effective process for you.

Read on to find out how to do it:


Kegel exercises benefit women of all ages, but for women with floppy vaginas, how to do Kegel exercises are especially important if done with the help of V-Tight gel. These exercises increase the strength and firmness of the pelvic floor muscles that support the urethra, bladder, rectum and the uterus.

Repeated consistently and done correctly, these exercises are also effective in treating urinary incontinence (UI). To perform Kegel exercises, you first have to locate your pelvic floor muscles and this can be done through squeezing the muscles around the anus and the vulva while lying on your back.

Once you find these muscles, train them by doing around 3-6 sets of at least 25 reps. Do this exercise for 5-10 times a day. Realize that patience is needed as it might take up to 10 week before results can be seen but it is still one of the best way to tighten your vaginal canals naturally.


This is one of the most common and effective ways to naturally have a firmer body. Many women are reluctant to try it as they think that it is difficult to perform but it truly is one of the simplest exercises that you can do at home.


It’s just a matter of dedication and actually wanting a change that will help you get a firmer vag once you have tried doing kegel exercises. Also consistency is the main priority for kegels, it’s not a matter of how many you do per session but how consistent you are every single day that you do the workout routine.


best wellness tips on the internetVaginal cones are bulbous blobs that are intended to be retained inside a loose vaginal canal using the pelvic floor muscles. They are ideal for women who are able to locate and squeeze their pelvic muscles, even though the squeeze isn’t very strong but knowing how to do it is.

These vaginal cones range in weight from 20 to 100 grams and come in a set of 5. For better results, they should be used in conjunction with Kegel exercises.

Start by inserting the lightest cone and hold it into your pussy for a minute or two. Progress to the heaviest cone and hold it into your pussy for about 20 minutes while going about your business.

If your cone has a ‘tail’, lie on the floor on your back and squeeze the round blobby end inside your vigina.


Ben Wa Balls are tiny, marble-sized balls made of metal or plastic.

They are designed to shrink the pelvic floor muscles and works instantly with some aid from V Tight creams. In addition to tightening vaginal walls, they also produce mind-blowing orgasms when worn.

The best thing about Ben Wa Balls is that you can wear them and go about your day to day business. Some women wear them while cleaning, whereas others wear them while they are out shopping for V Tight gels.

Since they are soft, they can be inserted with or without lubricants. Insert them in your vag one after the other. Most people would think that you have to do some extreme workouts. This is why these balls are awesome. Just by inserting them inside your vag, you will be able to achieve a super firm vagina.




bringing back the younger youThere’s no getting around the fact that food is a key step in learning how to tighten up your pussy no matter how many children you have had. A majority of people have a deficiency in essential fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids. Fish, nuts, avocados, flaxseeds and soy products are a few examples of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Sadly, we aren’t getting enough of these foods, making it difficult to achieve a super tighter vag without V-tight gels. Vegetables and fresh fruits are also part of a balanced diet that supports vaginal health. Citrus fruits, strawberries, guava, kiwifruit, green /red peppers as well as broccoli are rich in vitamin C and should be consumed in abundance. Veggies such as spinach, cabbage, kale, salad and collards should also be taken in plenty.

This is probably one of the most underrated parts of this whole natural tightening techniques. Our diet doesn’t seem to get as much attention as it should be considering how important it is in our daily lives. It plays a major role in your overall health and your body’s maintenance, as it keeps the important vitamins and minerals going in the right places. So, if you want to tighten your vagina instantly then getting a good, natural diet plan is a good first step to achieving that goal. Once you have that aspect covered then the rest should be easier to go through as everything will just fall into place.

It’s not really a complicated thing to do, just a few fruits here and there, skipping the fast food, vegetables every other day, and avoiding too much sweets. It doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? Now that you have the “How To’s”, it’s time to start your healthy diet today and you’re on the right track to naturally tighten your vagina.


enjoy sex more than everIf you have ever searched for ‘how can I make my vagina tighter’ or ‘where can I buy V Tight creams’ on Google, I’m sure you have come across a number of herbs that people use. There are many different herbs that can tighten your vaginal walls. Pueraria Mirifica, much like V Tight gel, helps make your cervical walls firm by encouraging the regeneration of genital tissues and balancing the body’s estrogen levels. Curcuma Comosa is another herb that can tighten your vulva. It helps to correct future vaginal looseness through protecting against the prolapse of the cervical walls. In addition, it helps cure hot flashes, cervical dryness, as well as alleviate abdominal pain and cramping effectively. Aloe Vera also helps shrink cervical walls and prevents them from weakening. Moreover, it is used to attain fast relief from such genital issues as itching. Also when doing herbs, added with V tight can also be a huge plus and will instantly speed up the process.




Safe squat exercises can firm up your pelvic floor muscles, strengthen your buttocks, improve your hip bone density and improve the ease of your daily activities. Squatting is a safe exercise for a majority of women to perform. However, there are a few principles that you should adhere to so as to keep your squat exercise safe. Hold the bar with your palms facing upward and then place it above your shoulders. Using your hips, pretend that you want to sit on the bench. With your thighs parallel with the ground, bring yourself up into the standing position. To get the most benefit, squats should be performed slowly and controlled along with the use of V Tight cream.
Note: When doing squats, keep your trunk straight with your knees and feet not so wide. This will in protect your pelvic floor.

Experience A Younger You


There are many different types of creams out there that promise to shrink your vulva. There are tons of reviews our there on the internet that say that they work and we are here to chime in. Many of different creams contain chemicals that can damage your vulva. V-tight gel remains our number one option as it is formulated from natural ingredients that are proven to restore cervical firmness. And the reviews can prove it! The cream can correct cervical looseness by tightening the walls of the vigina. While it can work just fine by itself, use it together with the V-Tight cervical exercise program for accelerated results. To use the cream, simply squeeze the gel onto your fingers and slither the fingers into the walls of your vigina and massage gently. You should be able to feel the firmness within 5 minutes.
So these are the different ways on how to make your vagina super tighter. You don’t have to use risky remedies to accomplish this! Use any of these methods and you will feel firm again. We hope that our review of this product helps you instantly.


The answer is yes! There are many ways to do these natural tips to get firmer vaginal walls at home. Hundreds of products have gone on to the market for these particular tightening creams, and they are a huge hit especially for women that are 30 and above. When ladies go into adulthood, their cervical walls start to loosen and that is a huge problem when it comes to sex. So these at home products have become popular over the past decade because of the women wanting a better sex life for their partners with the help of all natural products like V-tight gel.

If you follow the tips on this page, you will surely get the results that you are looking for with relative ease. It just takes consistency and the right methods to be successful at anything, and that includes your body!

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